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Perth Solar Services offer a variety of solar servicing options to best suit your needs. Prevent problems by servicing every part of your solar system with our all-inclusive preventative maintenance package.

Alternatively, if your system is experiencing a fault and you just want it fixed, our solar repair option would be your best bet.

Solar inverter repairs

The solar inverter is the heart of your solar power system and if the heart isn’t working then the whole solar system isn’t working! Solar inverters suffered with cheep product being ‘dumped’ into Australia. Many of the inverter brands used during the solar boom were never great quality. The issue here is that you might have great solar panels doing a fantastic job collecting the suns’ energy, but if your solar inverter is of poor quality you won’t be converting as much as you should into electricity.

Worse still, if your solar inverter has a fault, you may not be converting anything into electricity. After all, you need to be generating electricity to get the tariffs required to help pay off your system.

Perth Solar Services can help with all your solar inverter problems. If for any reason we can’t fix the inverter problem (sometimes parts are no longer available on obsolete units) then we will help you find the best replacement.

Below is a list in alphabetical order of common grid connect solar inverters installed across Australia with some details such as the inverter manual, datasheet, and information on the fault codes shown on these inverters if they develop a fault. Please be aware that just because the inverter is listed here does not mean we endorse, supply, repair or manufacture it!

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